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Mobile Hair Stylist Atlanta

BeautyQueen Hair LLC. & Co. ™️ provides luxury treatment for natural hair care and essential lifestyle products at an affordable price. Providing custom mobile haircare services and Mane-tanence. Our specialty is protective styles know as braids. We service people with textured hair and desire a place where a girl believes everyday is a "Good Hair Day"!
Good Hair Day is a lifestyle brand for the girls around the way. The generations before us struggled with finding their beauty within instead they had the desire to have features of the European. They experimented with everything from lye to staighten their kinky coily hair and paper bags for curling. Today, we recognize the journey and celebrate it daily. We encourage you to recognize the beauty you behold, Have a good hair day! 

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“Beauty begins the moment you begin to be yourself."

Coco Chanel

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